These Roots Run Deep

Read about the meaning behind the new mural’s design, see a time lapse of it being painted, or hear the Red Moon Road song that inspired it.

Our murals.

The pride in Boissevain is not only for the present and future, but also of the past. This is amply demonstrated by the town’s outdoor art gallery, a Manitoba Star Attraction.

Come and see a visual testament to the history of the area on the ever growing canvas that is Boissevain. Walls that once were barren have been beautifully transformed to represent our past’s colourful palette, in winter weather hues and the earth tones of harvest time. Over 20 professionally painted murals narrate the story of our community’s history in living colour.

The murals depict themes as diverse as the one room schoolhouse, the old sawmill in the Turtle Mountain, a pioneer kitchen, Saturday night in Boissevain, a celebration of seventy years of communication, and high up on our water towers Hot and Cold.

Guided maps of the the murals are available at the visitor center and several mural locations.

There is also a mural scavenger hunt that you can view here or you can pick up a physical copy at the Irvin Goodon Wildlife Museum!

Arts Park.

When touring the town’s many attractions, a stop at the Arts Park is an absolute must. Located in the core of the community you will discover an oasis of colour and beauty which will lure you in to where flower lined brick paths, sculptures and perennial gardens surround a gazebo, offering a quiet peaceful moment amongst blossoms and greenery.