Artisan Market

Every year (between the months of May to September) we open our local artisan market at the Irvin Goodon International Wildlife Museum. All of the below artists have their work featured (and for sale!) there. The market is open every day from 10am to 6pm.

Our current list of featured artisans include: Abode Handcrafted Essences, Christina Guenther, David Pettinger, Erica Holloway, Found by Fin, Frank Burton, Lisa Joelle, Made by Amber Dee, Mary Arde, Mitch Guenther, Nancy Penner, Turtle Mountain Beads, and Verna McCausland.

If you are interested in being added to this list, please contact us at! We are always looking to advertise more local artisans!

Abode Handcrafted Essences

“Greg van den Ham and Benil Zamora are two curious folks who wondered whether they can grow the plants needed to distill their own essential oil. Their curiosity turned into an experiment which turned into a small farm business, Abode. Abode produces handcrafted, small batch essences from farm-grown, wild harvested or reclaimed plant material. Once harvested or collected, the plant material is steam distilled using traditional copper stills. Aside from growing their own plant material, they have engaged with partner cultivators. Reclaimed plant material are donated by local restaurants and smoothie bars, flower shops and people who have similar interests. Wild harvested material are collected throughout Manitoba. In addition to handcrafting essences, Greg and Benil conduct workshops to actively promote sustainable production of essential oils. Abode also provides sales and rentals of their copper stills.”  – Greg van den Ham & Benil Zamora

Christina Guenther

“Creating has always been part of my everyday life, I love to work in a variety of mediums such as painting, lay and textile arts. Currently I am a Human Ecology and Art teacher at the Boissevain School and when time allows you can find me in my little clay studio.”  – Christina Guenther

David Pettinger

“My name is David Pettinger. I grew up on a farm north of Elgin, MB. After forty years of farming, my wife, Karen, and I retired to Boissevain. We have three grown children and four grand children. I enjoy hiking, biking, and most anything associated with the outdoors. I also enjoy antiques and collecting fossils and native artifacts. All my life, I have had a desire to make things. I work with epoxy resin, wood, leather, polishing rocks, and making jewelry from the polished rocks. Landscaping Is also a passion of mine. I believe that necessity is the mother of invention.”  – David Pettinger

Erica Holloway

“Erica Holloway lives in rural southwestern Manitoba and is a mother of 3. Her work often explores themes of rural life and the beauty of imperfection and in unexpected places. Art has always been a part of her life, and Erica completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Manitoba almost two decades ago. She is never confined to one artistic medium; expressing herself through paintings, photography, drawing and murals. Inspired by prairie storms, old comic books, family life, social justice and nature, her Instagram account showcases more of her work @just_north_of_49.”  – Erica Holloway

Found by Fin

“Found by Fin creates art out of reclaimed lath and other materials salvaged and discovered in century home and old buildings that dot the southern prairies. The character of materials that have lived another purpose adds dimension and texture to the pieces. Michael Megaffin collaborates with his partner Leah Cann on the designs and then begins the puzzle making that is lath art.”  – Michael Megaffin & Leah Cann

Frank Burton

“Frank Burton was raised five miles north of Boissevain, he has been doing wood crafting for almost twenty years. He sources all his wood from community members who are taking down trees and give him a call. He finds satisfaction with lathing wood and enjoys making vases and bowls best.”  – Frank Burton

Lisa Joelle

“Lisa Joelle is a local artist, writer, city girl, farm wife, boy mom, sour gummy enthusiast, finder of literally beauty everywhere. She uses bright colors and funky textures to capture live on the Canadian prairies, everything from the big sky over fields of grain to the flowers picked from her garden.”  – Lisa Heide

Made by Amber Dee

“Small town Saskatchewan born farm girl, turned world traveler, turned fibre artist all knotted up in good vibes. I discovered macrame during the pandemic and fell hard for everything to do with fibre art. Coming from a long lineage of artistic and crafty women, this newfound love is very close to my heart, and I feel connected to all of them, past and present, white creating. My hope is for the love and good vibes that go into these knots get passed along!”  – Amber Dee

Mary Arde

“My name is Mary Arde, I am a mother of 5 practically grown children, work full time and love to create through many different crafting mediums. From a very young age I was in 4-H and learned to sew, cook and bake and expand my creative ideas. I have many crafting interests that include sewing/quilting, knitting/crocheting, wood crafts, painting, scrapbooking/photography, and some jewelry making. I enjoy getting out in the yard in the warm summer months to garden and dabble in my flower beds. I have always taken great pride in the products I have made and love to see other enjoy things I have made.”  – Mary Arde

Mitch Guenther

Mitch enjoys taking old furniture and refurbishing them to make them nice and new! The work she has offered here are some lovely wood candle stands made from White Ash and Trembling Aspen!

Nancy Penner

“Nancy Penner is a Boissevain based artist who has been honing her skills for the past several years. Inspired by nature and her love of birds she combines the mediums of charcoal and watercolour to create a unique canvas. Nancy is the winner of the 2022 Westman Juried Show.”  – Nancy Penner

Turtle Mountain Beads

“Laura Dyck is a Métis artist living in the Turtle Mountains with her husband, two children and a black lab puppy. Inspired by the outdoors and drawn to earthy, playful tones, her self-taught beadwork began as a way to connect to identity and her roots as a creative outlet during the pandemic. Find her on Instagram @turtlemountainbeads”  – Laura Dyck

Verna McCausland

“I am a resident of Boissevain, currently working here at the Wildlife Museum. I have been crocheting off and on since my grandmother taught me as a teen. I started making blankets about 20 years ago when my sister showed me one she had done, I love the challenge of putting different colours and textures together and having it turn into something useful and pretty. I find the crocheting to be relaxing and keeps my hands busy. I love hearing that someone who has a blanket I made is using and enjoying it. Other hobbies include reading, photography, collecting horse and other animal figurines. I am active in the local drama club ADLIB, am looking forward to the next play we do.”  – Verna McCausland