These Roots Run Deep

Many have asked about the meaning behind the mural. The following is the artist’s description of the mural.

Chloe Chafe (Synonym), Bridget Penny (traveling sign painters), Joseph Pilapil (traveling sign painters), Mikhail Millar (NASARIMBA) Rachel Ziriada (NAMARIMBA), Andrew Eastman (Synonym)

This mural design entitled “These Roots Run Deep” was developed by doing research into the Boissevain area. We wanted to highlight the connection to the land through depicting local plants (prairie crocus, wild rose, echinacea, alfalfa, caragana), strong trees/roots, a silhouette of Turtle Mountain and water referencing the many lakes found in the area. In our research we discovered the history of heritage homes in Boissevain. Our design also took inspiration from the song “I’ll Bend But I Won’t Break” by Red Moon Road.

The first line of the song, “clouds build on the horizon” is depicted on the left side of the mural in an open road scene with the sun bursting over a large storm cloud. There are power poles going into the distance and a railway crossing which is a classic, and somewhat nostalgic prairie scene. The design then incorporates a change of scale, picturing silhouettes of plants, trees, roots and flowers transitioning to the next scene.

The Prairie Crocus is depicted in a vibrant red colour to evoke the energy, beauty, and turmoil mentioned in the song. There are plants that are in a downward state of rest which are contrasted with the vibrant flowers. This contrast is meant to symbolize the line of the song “I will bend but I won’t break.”

The next scene is a depiction of the shores of a lake basking in early morning light with the moon hanging over a forested horizon. There is a calm and stillness in the lake scene that is broken up by energetic ripples in the water. The ripples resemble the “eye of the hurricane” that is mentioned in the song lyrics. The eye of a hurricane contains a moment of eerie stillness that is in the middle of a chaotic storm.This scene is intended to evoke the energy and emotion of finding peace through connecting with nature when things get “stormy” in life. The movement of the red flowers in the sky transition into more trees, roots, and plants that reference the chorus of the song.

In the final scene we have created a comfortable yet surreal interior home space with a couch, chairs, lamp and artwork on the wall. This scenario creates an invitation for the viewer to psychologically inhabit the space of the mural. The lyrics of the song “stand my ground”,”strength”, “these roots run deep”, and “pieces of me” signify for us the idea of a home containing history and being a safe, comfortable space that is a source of strength in ones life. There is a special image of Tommy the Turtle that we wanted to include in the framed picture hanging on the wall of the house in the far right of the design. The colours we used are vibrant and reference the colours found in the sunrise and sunset hours. We wanted the overall flow of colour and detail in the mural to mimic the excitement and energy that the song radiates.


Here is a time lapse of the mural being painted.


Here is Red Moon Road singing “I’ll bend but I won’t break”.


All images are from BNB studio
Thanks to Bradley Peters for the time lapse


Thank You Boissevain-Morton for all your support!